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Kim Engelke

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Master’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education
with a focus in Developmentally Appropriate Practice
Believes children learn best when they’re encouraged
to follow their interests. In the homeschool community,
this educational philosophy is known as unschooling
Decided to homeschool when she was pregnant with her
first child, Ceileigh. Today, Ceileigh is 22 and a senior
studying microbiology at the University of Maryland
Her other child, Tristan, is 16 and passionate about biology.
He is a licensed falconer and has trained a red-tailed hawk to hunt for him
She’s been married to Kory Engelke, a chemist, for 26 years.
Since 2014, Kim has been a reviewer for the venerable umbrella group
The Excelsior Academy
She is passionate about the equestrian sport of Dressage,
the canine sport of Flyball, and the fiercely non-competitive sport of custom card making
She and Greg have known each other since 2001

Kim, Tristan, Kory & Ceileigh
(plus a few Flyball teammates)


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